Fire Stop Caulking: Why Do You Need It in Your Child's Nursery?

If you plan to baby-proof your home for your toddler, why not fireproof his or her nursery as well? Fireproofing is a safety measure that protects your child during accidental fires. To reinforce your child's room properly, you'll need fire stop caulking. Fire stop is a soft, pliable material that forms a tight seal around doorways, windowsills and other openings after it hardens. Fire stop caulking offers several more benefits, including these below.

Stays Effective When Exposed to Moisture and Humidity

Fire stop caulking or sealant doesn't break down when it comes into contact with moisture or humidity. The chemicals used in the caulking contain moisture-resistant properties that keep the caulking from reverting back to a soft state after application. Once the sealant hardens, it stays that way.

The caulking also expands when it encounters heat, including the heat created by fires. The expanding material keeps dangerous inhalants, such as smoke, out of your child's room.

Seals Out Smoke

When most fires start in the home, they usually begin in the kitchen and spread to other areas of the home. In most cases, smoke is the most dangerous problem associated with fires, as it can endanger your child's life before the flames of the fire reaches the room. If your child inhales smoke, it can burn his or her lungs. The smoke can also cause death if it keeps your child from breathing properly.

Fire stop caulking protects your little one by forming a barrier around your child's bedroom door. The barrier keeps the smoke's odors and invisible vapors from creeping:

  • Beneath the door, or the area between the bottom door frame and flooring
  • At the top of the door, or where the door meets the ceiling
  • Along the sides of the door

When you apply the caulking or sealant around the door, you should make sure to remove any excess carpeting or rugs from beneath the bottom door frame. Thick or plush carpet fibers can keep the caulking from adhering to the door's frame properly. The fibers may also stick to the fire stop caulking and jam the door shut.

After you fire proof the doorway in your child's room, consider using the caulking material in other areas of the home that may be vulnerable to smoke and heat. For instance, you may choose to fire proof your other bedrooms as a protective barrier against smoke inhalation and fires. If you have questions about fire stop caulking or how to protect your home, contact resources like Walser Contracting Ltd concrete cutting today for assistance.