Using Manure For Forming Concrete: Is It Possible?

Whether you work in an industry that utilizes concrete or you simply have an interest in it, you are likely aware of the advancements that concrete has undergone over the years. Technological advancements will continue to be introduced, which can help make future concrete more eco-friendly and more durable. In an effort to create further advancements within the concrete industry, a Vancouver company recently announced its plans to use dog feces in the production of concrete slabs, but is it really possible?

The collection process

Collection of the manure will be performed in Canada's dog parks. Since dog owners are required to use supplied plastic bags to pick up their dog's excrement when it has a bowel movement, instead of tossing the bag into the trash, a special container will be available. Owners will place the bags in the container so the company can conveniently pick up the containers on a regular basis. The containers will automatically remove the feces from the bag and place the manure in a compartment where it will be preserved.

Other companies that use dog manure for alternative purposes are collecting dog waste from owners' homes, and it may be necessary to do the same in order to obtain enough of the manure for production. However, it hasn't yet been decided exactly how the company plans to ensure it has adequate amounts of the material for processing.

The transformation process

Once the containers are picked up, they will be transferred to a facility for sterilization at high temperatures. It will then be mixed with mortar and sand before being formed into concrete slabs that are ready for use at the various construction sites throughout Canada, and likely throughout the world. 

Why choose dog feces?

Company manufacturers were trying to create a better way to dispose of waste collected from dog parks, which is how the concept of using manure for concrete slabs was created. Manufacturers believe that, since dog manure is a readily available product that can be used for numerous alternative purposes, using it for business purposes was a pretty ingenious idea. It is hoped that using the manure will be a cost-effective way of creating durable concrete, as well.

It may seem disgusting to use dog manure for producing concrete. However, the concrete has not yet been introduced to the market for use, as it is still in the testing stage. Manufacturers are still working out problems, such as the most effective way for dealing with bacteria and strong odor. Once the process is perfected, this new concrete derived from dehydrated dog feces will be available to the public.