Create an Ideal Backyard Gathering Place With Fire Pit Paving

Spending time outdoors with your own fire pit can be very enjoyable, but it is important that you make accommodations with a fire pit in mind. A good way to do this is by incorporating paving. For the paving to be as beneficial as possible for a new fire pit, consider the following tips and projects.

Make a Walkway Leading to the Fire Pit Area

To incorporate the new fire pit with the rest of your yard, you can use paving to create a walkway. Whether the walkway is a direct pathway from the back door to the fire pit or you use it to wind throughout your yard, this paving can become a focal point in your backyard. It can also provide plenty of function because it is safer and less messy to walk on compared to grass.

Stay a Lengthy Distance to Your Home

When choosing a spot for your fire pit and the paving below it, make sure that it is not too close your home. Not only can the siding and windows be damaged by embers from the fire pit, the smoke can also get inside your home if the windows are left open.

Keep the Pit Away from Trees

Along with keeping the fire pit away from your home due to potential fire hazards, you need to make sure that there are no low-hanging trees nearby or shrubs that could catch fire. You also do not want the branches from trees or bushes falling into the fire pit when it is windy, making it important to keep landscaping around the fire pit to a minimum.

Enjoy a Non-Flammable Surface

Instead of using mulch or placing the fire pit on grass, paving is a much safer option. Not only is paving fire-resistant, it is durable enough for a heavy fire pit to be placed on it.

Get Concrete Benches for Resilient Seating

For the fire pit to be as safe as possible and protect against potential fires, you also need to consider the kind of seating you surround the fire pit with. Concrete is an ideal choice for seats because it is fire-resistant and will not be damaged by ash or smoke from the fire pit.

Adding a fire pit to your backyard is best accomplished when you incorporate paving for safety and appearance reasons. By making adjustments or additions to your yard with a fire pit in mind, you can enjoy a new entertaining space that is safe to use. If you're thinking of paving an area in your backyard, go to websites of local paving professionals to learn more.