Choosing The Right Material For Your Driveway

If you have an unfinished driveway and you are trying to decide which material will be the best for it, you will have a few different choices available to you. It's up to you to decide which one will work the best for your home and this article will educate you on the pros and cons of the different materials so you can come to an informed decision you will be satisfied with.

Loose gravel

Loose gravel can be a good choice in some instances, such as when you live in a rural setting and your driveway is mostly used to park work trucks and motorized equipment. When you go with loose gravel, you won't have to worry about providing the driveway with any maintenance. Also, you won't have to be worried about the work trucks or equipment leaving stains on the driveway.

If there are going to be times when someone will be parking their regular cars in the driveway, you do need to be aware that the loose gravel can ding against the cars and make small marks in their paint job. If you have children, the loose gravel driveway won't provide them with a great place to ride their bike or skates.


A cement driveway can give you a very smooth and clean looking driveway. If you go with normal, white colored cement then it can look good against your house and help the house to stand out. It also gives the kids a nice surface to play on and skate without worrying about bumps.

When you go with a cement driveway you will need to be extremely careful about the vehicles that part on it because it can stain very easily and every little stain will really show up. You will also need to make sure you seal any cracks that show up quickly before they get bad.


Asphalt can give your driveway a nice, sleek look and a freshly sealed asphalt driveway adds to the landscaping. The surface can be so smooth that the kids can play on it. Also, the darker color of the asphalt allows it to hide stains better than many of the other materials.

Just as with concrete, you will need to make sure you fill any cracks or holes as soon as you spot them. Also, asphalt driveways should be sealed regularly. The length of time you can go between sealing will depend on the amount of usage the driveway goes through and the weather in the area you live in.

Choosing the right type of driveway will help you to achieve the look you want for your house and provide you with the amount of maintenance you are willing and able to follow through with.   To learn more, contact a company like Akko Ltd Cement Finishers driveways