Different Options For Enhancing The Look Of Your Concrete Garage Floor

A good way to improve the look of your garage is to alter the appearance of the concrete flooring. You can do this using one or more different techniques to create a unique floor for your garage.

Repair the Top Layer

Before you can decorate your garage floor, it is best to start with repairing any minor issues. Small cracks or discoloration can hinder the appearance of any design elements you pick, which is why a new top layer is a good first step.

A new top layer or overlay is a thin layer of concrete that is meant to smooth out the surface and repair any minor issues. It is important to note that this layer will also help level out the surface by filling in small dips that make your garage floor uneven.

This layer is simply poured over the top of your existing concrete with a piece of wood to prevent the mixture from flowing into your driveway. The layer is then leveled and left to dry.

Color the Surface

The next feature to consider is whether you want to add color to the concrete. You have the ability to add color at different stages, all of which will give you a different look.

The easiest option is to have a powered dye in the color of your choosing added to the concrete mixture. This option gives you a consistent and solid color throughout the entire layer.

Another option is to stain the new layer with an acid-based product. The stain reacts differently with each mineral within the concrete, which results in a more marbleized effect.

You should be aware that the acid stain is added after the thin layer of concrete has had at least 24 hours to cure. However, you can wait up to 72 hours to add the stain without it negatively impacting the final look.

Stamp a New Layer

To give your garage floor even more design, you have the ability to stamp a design and texture into the concrete before it cures. This process allows you to add simple lines, decorative swirls or custom patterns like your initials if you prefer.

To complete the process, a concrete contractor uses rubber stamps that have the image and texture you desire. The contractor lays the stamp over the concrete and presses it down to create the image. The amount of pressure applied will determine how pronounce the final result will be.

This method works well with any of the coloring methods above. By adding a new color and stamping the new surface, you have the opportunity to create a one-of-a-kind floor for your garage. Contact a company like Ingratta Cement & Drainage Inc for more information.